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Reynoldsburg Auto Repair

Preventive and Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Made Easy at Central Garage

At Central Garage, we pride ourselves on offering a complete preventive maintenance service to our Pataskala and Pickerington as well as Reynoldsburg Ohio customers.

We have been here since 1995, with links back to the 1920's. We intend on being here another hundred years at least. We can only do that by offering great auto repair services at competitive prices.

One of those services is preventive maintenance.

Your vehicle has many responsibilities. It gets you to work, the kids to school, carries your groceries and a host of other things. It does all these while keeping you warm, cool, dry, and most importantly, safe.

Ensuring your car has everything it needs to perform these functions is the very least you could do in return. That's where preventive maintenance comes in, and where Central Garage excels. Our ASE certified technicians are qualified to work with any make, and any model of car, light truck or SUV.

Call Central Garage today for fast, efficient preventive maintenance.

A preventive maintenance schedule is a regular check-up of all the essential functions of your vehicle. It enables us to keep fluids topped off, tires rotated, and everything working as it should. It also allows us to spot potential problems before they arise, and before they get too expensive.

Here are some examples of preventative services, and key points about each:

Air filter replacement - This keeps contaminants out of the engine to maintain good gas mileage and engine performance.

Belt inspection and change - The engine runs on belts, each has a finite life and needs regular inspection to make sure they aren't about to break.

Brake inspection and service - Brakes are obviously important for safety, so keeping then in good condition and making sure they work properly is essential.

Auto transmission service - All those gears need fluid to work efficiently. Having the transmission serviced ensures longevity and smooth operation. It prevents wear and helps with smooth shifting.

Cabin air filter replacement - The cabin air filter removes pollution, pollen, dust, mold, and a range of other contaminants from the air you breathe while you're in the car. A dirty cabin air filter will diminish the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Fuel and emissions service - The fuel system uses filters to provide clean fuel to the engine. The exhaust allows the burned fuel and gases to escape. Having this service improves gas mileage, engine performance.

Lights - Both interior and exterior lights need to work as needed. You need to see, and be seen. It also prevents you getting a traffic ticket for defective lighting.

Oil servicing - This includes a complete oil change and new oil filter. Oil is life for your engine. Remember, the cleaner the oil, the happier the motor.

Tire rotation - Each tire wears differently. Rotation is important to keep the wear pattern even.

Wheel alignment - Making sure all four wheels are pointing in the right direction improves gas mileage and extends the life of your tires.

That's just some of what's included in the Central Garage preventive maintenance service. The specifics of each service depend on the make, model, year and mileage of the vehicle in question.

Call Central Garage today for specifics about your vehicle.

We are proud to hold the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence and be a part of NAPA Autocare centers and the Better Business Bureau. It's all part of our commitment to give our Pataskala and Pickerington as well as Reynoldsburg Ohio neighbors the best auto service possible.

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