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iWheels Car Care Class

Central Garage, iWheels Car Care Class

Excited about finally getting your ‘wheels’?

It is a momentous occasion for every young man or woman to be the proud owner of a car or truck. It marks their transition to ‘adulthood’ even if it is a new, swanky model or a hand-me-down. However, the euphoria of owning a car can quickly dissipate if one were to ever get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a car breakdown.

Lack of adequate knowledge about a car’s anatomy can quickly cause a youngster to press panic buttons. It can be a harrowing experience, more so when the mechanic later informs you that the glitch was a minor one. Had you been aware of the simple troubleshooting steps to take in case your car broke down without warning, you would have spared yourself the harassment but also the needless expense.

We, at Central Garage, believe in empowering new car owners and first-time car owners with the basic knowledge of how things work in a car and how to deal with problems when they arise. With this in mind, Central Garage started our iWheels Car Care Class. Kathy, one of the Central’s auto repair shop owners, will be conducting these classes.

Kathy Car Care  Car Care Class

The best thing about the iWheels Car Care Class is that youngsters do not necessarily have to sit in a classroom. Alongside the theoretical parts, Participants are taken into the shop and shown the undercarriage of a vehicle, as well as what to see under the hood. Questions are answered and participation is encouraged to gain better understanding of signs and symptoms of potential problems.

Car Care Demo

Another focus of iWheels Car Care Class is to make young car users aware of the terminology used in auto repair shops, so they can explain what their car is doing. This is because the first-time car owner does not normally understand the language of technicians and mechanics and may feel intimidated when they visit a garage. Those new car owners may feel cheated due to their limited understanding of vehicle terminology. The iWheels Car Care Class makes youngsters confident about visiting a garage and dealing with technicians.