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Reynoldsburg Auto Repair

You can't Rotate your shoes, but you can Rotate your tires - and you should!

 We now sell tires, making Central Garage Company Inc your one stop Car Repair Shop! We feature Cooper and MasterCraft Tires, but offer a wide range of other brands to choose as well. 

You've heard the old saying, "where the rubber meets the road!" Think about it, tires rank high in overall vehicle safety requirements. No one wants to have a flat tire make them late for work or appointment. The possibility of a blow out at freeway speeds is frightening! Low tire tread can cause you to hydroplane in rain or diminish your traction in snow. 

Tire maintenance is simple but often overlooked. Tires won't perform well if they are not properly inflated, it's important for both your safety and to prevent premature tire wear. If you have a Tire Pressure Warning Light on your dash, check the tire pressures right away. Don't guess, use a gauge! If you need help, we will gladly check and adjust all pressures for you - free! Just give us a call.

Now that Engine Oil & Filter intervals have increased, Tire Rotation should be a regular part of your oil change service. Because most vehicles are heavier in the front, regular Tire Rotation will allow for more uniform tire wear. Do you see how these old shoes could have benefited from regular rotation (if that were possible!) 

There are added benefits to systematic Tire Rotations:

  • It's the perfect opportunity to inspect your brakes! You'll get a heads up as your Brake Pads begin to show wear, you'll have time to plan and budget for necessary Brake Repairs. 
  • You'll be informed about the over-all condition of your tires. Uneven or unusual wear can be identified early to allow you to plan and budget for Shocks, Struts, and Steering or Suspension repairs - before damaging the tires. 
  • Any foreign objects such as nails or screws you might have picked up can be removed and the tire serviced at the same time. 
  • Properly inflated and maintained tires will improve your gas mileage! 

At Central Garage our ASE Certified Mechanics will perform a Digital Vehicle Health Inspection each time we service your car. It's the first step in keeping your car in tip top shape, allowing you to be in control to budget and schedule needed Car Service at your convenience!

Central Garage is close to your home or office in Pastaskala, Etna, Reynoldsburg, Pickerington and Blacklick areas. Check out our "Old-Fashioned, Personal Service!" at WWW.MyCentralGarage.com 



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