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Your Radiator cap should not look like this one! 

The Radiator Cap is much more complex than the people in the Pataskala area realize. It does more than act as a lid to keep your Coolant – a mixture of 50% antifreeze and 50% water- inside the radiator. The Radiator Cap acts as a two way valve to maintain the correct pressure needed to operate your engine at a specified Temperature range. Running Too Hot can damage Engine seals and Gaskets, causing internal Engine Failure, leaving you stranded. Running too cold could decrease your gas mileage and will diminish the effectiveness of your Heater!

Pataskala residents appreciate that during the routine digital courtesy inspection at Central Garage, we will visually inspect your Radiator Cap, to check the seal and look for coolant stains which would indicate loss of coolant at the cap. We can test the cap with a pressure tester. If it shows visible signs of leakage or does not hold the correct pressure, this inexpensive Radiator Cap should be replaced before it causes very expensive damage to your Engine!

One size does not fit all! Most Radiator Caps range between 12 and 22 PSI and should be replaced with a cap that meets the requirement of your car make and model. As the coolant heats up it expands but the size of your Cooling System does not. The coolant has to go somewhere, it is pushed into the overflow bottle and cycles back into the radiator as it cools down again. Because this system operates under pressure it is important never to loosen the cap on a hot Radiator! This could cause severe personal injury!

Aside from a visual inspection of the cap or the appearance of Antifreeze Leaking under the car, you may not be aware that your Cap is bad. If you smell a Sweet Smell or notice a Temperature Light on your dash, get help right away – before your Engine Overheats and causes additional damage.  The longer you wait the more excessive the damage and cost to repair!

Along with the radiator cap Pataskala residents should have all the cooling systems parts checked. The Water Pump, Hoses, clamps, Thermostat, and Radiator are also common system failures.   The lifetime of your car and Cooling System can be impacted by Preventative Maintenance including a Coolant Exchange using BG Products to clean and condition; preventing rust buildup  in the Radiator and Water Pump. 

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