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Pot Holes

Pot Hole
Potholes cause more problems than you may be aware of!

Have you ever started your grocery shopping and found the cart you had chosen did not roll easily, or in a straight line? It's very annoying when the wheels on the cart make noise or vibrate as you try to maneuver throughout the store. My friends and I laugh about “test driving” the cart before we start. Now imagine your car's wheels; do they roll straight and smoothly; what are the consequences if they don't?

Have you noticed your car pulls in one direction rather than maintaining a straight path? Do you feel your car sway when you make a routine turn? Does the front of your car dive down when braking, or sink down in the back when accelerating form a stop? Do you notice excessive bounce over rough roads or railroad tracks, or vibration at higher speeds? You may even have the sensation of having to wrestle with the steering wheel! These are common complaints this time of year.

Everyone knows that hitting a huge pothole can cause huge damage to your tires, rims, steering and suspension. But what damage is caused by the smaller potholes? This winter has been very severe and it seems you can't drive at all without hitting some sort of pothole; deep or shallow, none are good for your car! Pothole lined roads will cause any tie rods or ball joints that were slightly loose last fall to become very loose by spring. Damage doesn't stop at the steering and suspension, if you scrape the bottom of your car, you could damage exhaust parts or even dent or puncture the oil pan and lose engine oil. Also, the daily driving over rough roads may take a toll in a less obvious manner and you may not notice any changes in drivability. Wheel misalignment may not be obvious to you, but it will reduce your gas mileage and cause your tires to wear prematurely.

For all these reasons, it is important to have your car checked out, soon! It doesn't have to be complicate; you could combine this with your regular service appointment for oil and filter. During a tire rotation it is easy to spot excessive tire wear and inspect the brakes, steering and suspension parts. Spring is a great time for having a front wheel or four wheel alignment as it applies to your car.

Shopping cart or family car, we like them to run smoothly! Don't neglect your spring check up to prevent any further damage from rough roads!


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