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Is the thermostat in my car bad?


Help, I have no heat in my car! Do I have a bad thermostat? Maybe! This picture shows 3 different thermostats; one in pieces and one with rust stains to compare with a new, never installed part.

The same coolant, a mixture of antifreeze and water, that protects your engine from freezing in the winter, and overheating in the summer, circulates into the dash area of your car as its only source of heat. Believe it or not, we often get complaints of “no heat” before the customer realizes there is not enough coolant in their car to protect the engine.

Over time, the coolant circulating within different types of metal in your engine causes an electrical current to form, breaking down and contaminating the coolant, wearing the hoses from the inside out. We recommend a coolant flush as part of your regular preventative maintenance every 35,000 miles. You want to avoid rust in the coolant, which ruins not only your thermostat, a fairly inexpensive part, but also the radiator and water pump – which can be costly. New coolant will help your engine operate at the correct temperature, burn fuel efficiently, and keep you toasty warm!

Call today and save $10.00 on a coolant exchange through November 30, 2017! Central Garage is conveniently located near the Pataskala, Reynoldsburg, and Pickerington area!


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