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Monthly Archives: October 2020

What Is That Smell?

What Is That Smell?

Everyone knows you should talk to your friendly neighborhood Central Garage Mechanic if you hear an unusual noise from your car, or if you see drips or a puddle on the ground. But did you know that strange smells can also be a warning sign of significant car problems?  Unusual smells can alert you to potential danger for you and your car. Engine overheating can cause expensive engine damage, and leave you stranded on a busy interstate highway, in extreme cold or hot weather! Train your nose for the following warning smells! A SWEET SMELL may be a sign of leaking antifreeze A BURNING RUBBER SMELL could be a problem with the Serpentine Belt, and could result in loss of Power Steering, Alternator function, or Overheating.  A BURNING CARPET SMELL could indicate a brake is stuck on. A ROTTEN EGG SMELL may mean your car is not using fuel efficiently, and may damage your Catalytic Converter Smell OF HOT OIL may indicate an engine or transmission ... read more


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