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A Safe Road Trip Requires a Little Planning


A deer caused this accident, but humans are responsible for most traffic accidents. With holiday driving in full swing make a plan to be as safe as you can on the road. Distracted driving accounts for a high percentage of all car accidents. We all know we should not use our cell phones, but what about that fast food snack in one hand with the steering wheel in the other? Are you meeting someone and need to freshen your lipstick, change the radio station, or reach for something that fell in the floor or behind the seat? It only takes a second to lose control of your vehicle. Are these things really that important?

Symptoms of driver fatigue include frequent yawning, burning or heavy eyes, daydreaming and drifting within lanes of traffic. Get good rest before you begin your trip. Avoid a heavy meal and drinking, take a break at least every two hours, and share driving responsibilities if possible. If you are sleepy, pull off and rest!

Speeding and tailgating really won’t get you to your destination any sooner than if you observed the speed limit and assured clear distance between cars. Slow down, enjoy the ride, and get to your destination safely! It’s a better alternative!

We can’t do anything about the weather conditions except stop and take shelter if they take a turn for the worst during our trip. Remember 4 wheel drive only assists in snow; it does not make traveling on ice safer. You should not use your cruise control on wet roads. If you forgot to replace your wiper blades or fill your windshield washer before starting your trip, there are auto parts stores in every little town. Most will even install the blades for you!

A few weeks before you plan to take your road trip, you should have a professional check your car to avoid as many car related surprises as you can. A complete inspection will include belts, hoses, fluids, filters, tires, heating and air conditioner operation, as well as wiper blades, washer fluid, and lights. Central Garage Co Inc, is a full service auto repair facility centrally located in the Pataskala, Pickerington, Reynoldsburg, and Blacklick areas.


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