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Free Ladies Car Care Class 2015

A Woman

When I was a little girl I didn't plan to become an automotive service writer. But after twenty-five years in the business, I have learned a lot of useful information about cars. I have five brothers and when they have a car question, they call their sister! Women are extremely talented capable beings. We manage homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals but when it comes to cars we often feel we're at the mercy of the repair shop. You can learn enough about your car to manage the maintenance confidently. It's not that hard! That is why I teach a Ladies Car Care Class once a year.

This year's class will be on Tuesday October 20 here at Central Garage Co. 13000 National Rd. (at the corner of Mink Street and Route 40) from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Let me put your mind at ease, we won't ask you to change a tire or check your oil, in fact I promise you will not get your hands dirty! This class is beneficial for every woman, even if someone else in your household handles your car maintenance needs. If you are a single lady we can help you feel more confident in communicating your concerns to the auto tech or service writer. We will help you learn some terms of the trade so you can ask all the questions you want answered. I've had dozens of these classes here at our shop and for ladies groups in Central Ohio and Kentucky; every attendee leaves feeling good about her new found car knowledge.

The great advantage of coming to one of my classes is I speak fluent female! I have collected many visual aids to put car knowledge into a context that is easily understood. For instance, you can see the person who wore these shoes was out of alignment causing excessive wear on the inner front of each shoe. If these shoes could have been rotated on a regular basis, they would have worn more evenly and given longer service. We can't rotate our shoes, but we can rotate our tires and extend their life substantially.

Along this line, not all maintenance is expensive. Many tire dealers offer free rotate and alignment for the lifetime of your tires; it's just a matter of knowing how important it is and making it a priority to follow through. The class is full of tips to help you make the most of your car investment.

You will learn what all the warning lights on your dash mean and take away valuable knowledge to help with car emergencies. You will have a tour of a car on a lift so we can point out major components both under the car and in the engine compartment. We welcome any questions you have about the car we're touring and the car you drive every day. Before you leave we will help you make a reasonable and surprisingly affordable budget for your car based on its current mileage. Each participant will receive a gift certificate for $25.00 toward any car service and there will be great door prizes. Call to reserve your place in class and invite a friend to attend with you.


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